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Gotham Season 2 Episode 3 - "Rise of the Villains:Strike Force"

This is the recap megathread for Gotham Episode 4 “Strike Force”. Be warned, there will be spoilers beyond this point.

Previously on Gotham…

We have Theo stewing about the past, GCPD having a blast, Mrs. Kringle just standing there like a dumbass, Bruce wants Alfred to make him a badass, he misses Selena, that sweet little lass and Theo makes Jerome take his last gasp….ok not going to do the rhyming next week


This was a setup episode, with a new Captain and the entitled Strike Force. Overall it was pretty good. A few random thoughts

  • I liked Michael Chicklis as the new Captain, Nathanial Barnes. He feels way more idealistic than is safe in Gotham and after some of the speeches I thought he might actually not survive the episode. He feels like Gordan as he should be, without the corrupting influence of Penguin.
  • There was a lot more Penguin in this episode than there has been. It’s nice to see him get more involved now that we’re past Jerome.
  • I guess from what i’ve read my Theo=Ra’s Al Ghul theroy is dead. I don’t know anything about the Court Of Owls but based on what i’ve read that is where the current storyline with Theo is coming from.
  • Butch was great in this episode “Darlin’, I’ve got no idea. We’ve been doing crazy stuff all day long.”. Like Rob Bricken said that line pretty much sums up Gotham.
  • Did anyone else get Arkham City vibes when Theo revealed his model? I get it’s not hte same thing since his thing looks like high end luxury shops and homes vs a prison, but it’s the same general idea of cutting out part of Gotham to make a seperate area.
  • I think Theo will regret making an enemy of Penguin. As he told him, don’t underestimate him. Once Mama Cobblepot is safe, all hell will break loose.
  • Can anyone who is familiar with the comics tell the audience if there was any significance with the names of the recruits who are picked for the “Strike Force”?
  • Alfred....oh Alfred. I actually get why he hit her. All he does is to protect Bruce. That said, I find the idea of the honorable Alfred hitting a child, even as one as manipulative as Selena, hard to fathom. I did like how he told Bruce to run home as part of his training.
  • Yes Theo, give Barbara something to do. If for no other reason than to keep us from remember what a waste of time her scenes were in Season One.
  • Did Theo really need to take out the other candidates? I would think after what happened at the charity ball, he would have a pretty good leg up on the others in the campaign.
  • Rob was incorrect, Barnes is not the Commissioner. So who is? I don’t think they’ve ever said who succeeded Eesen.
  • Ghost In The Machine reminided me I had completly forgotten about the Riddler/Gollum and Kringle story. First off, Nygma’s evil half is an MRA, talking about how Kringle owes him a date for saving her life. I did like how he showed some confidence when he asked her out and she seemed to genuinly be interested. I don’t think it was a pity date, though I can understand her concern when she realized the date was at his house. That said, the writers have no idea how to write for women because I can’t imagine any woman who would stay at a dude’s house after he said he was happy another guy was dead and admitted to having voices in his head that talk to him. It felt like a complete 180 for the Kringle we had seen in Season One.

So what did you guys think? Lets talk in the comments.

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