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Gotham Season 2 Episode 3 - "Rise of the Villains:The Last Laugh"

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This is the recap megathread for Gotham Episode 3 “Rise Of The Villians:The Last Laugh” Be warned, there will be spoilers beyond this point.


This was a truly magnificent episode my friends. I was on the edge of my seat the whole time. Here are a few thoughts

  • Gordan and Bullock together again, tossing guys out of windows trying to find Jerome. It’s like those two had never been split up at all. It is great seeing Bullock back.
  • It felt like the writers were trying to put in some callbacks to other Batman works. When Jerome asks his dad if he can tell them a story, my mind immediately went to “You know how i got these scars?” Maybe not the writer’s intention but that’s where my mind went. Selina meeting Bruce at the charity ball reminded me of the scene from TDKR
  • At one point while talking to his dad, it felt like Jerome was channeling Gollum, but just for a second. The way he can go from mood so quickly and seamlessly is a sign of a very good actor.
  • “You will be a curse upon Gotham…. Your legacy will be death and madness.”
  • We see at the end Jerome’s father was right, but not in the way we thought. It felt like the writers knew everyone was on the Jerome Is Joker train that they threw a curve at us.
  • “Bruce has a split personality”. Oh how true you are Jerome. It will just take some time for the other one to show up.
  • Dude, don’t sigh just as your about to kiss Morena Baccarin
  • Bullock’s line about oddly timed makeout sessions was great. Donal Louge has got a great sense of timing.
  • We saw very little of Penguin, but what we did see was good. Bullock dosen’t take him seriously and still sees him as Fish’s servant. It will be interesting to see where they take this.
  • Is Barbara a lesbian? Is she Bi? Do i care? Sorry, I don’t care. edit: Ok so I should have mentioned this but yes i know about her thing with Montoya in Season One. It was boring and short lived, kind of like Montoya herself. I will actually care about Barbara when they have her do something other than make out with people or whine to Lee about her being a man eater and trying to break up her and Jim.
  • That said, the way Tabitha looked her her and Theo together made me question the whole Bro-Sis thing. It also my Theo=Ras Al’ Ghul theroy because I had Tabatha =Talia. Of course it could just be she was pissed at Barbara and could still be Talia.
  • Last week I was convinced Theo was Ras Al’Gul, but I didn’t have time to write up comments and didn’t want to hold up the megathread. After this episode I still feel he is. Lots of wealth, works from behind the scenes and from episode two, we know he wants to bring about a “cleansing” of the city and that “monsters are coming who will cleanse the city with blood and fire.”. I’m not a comics expert but i’m pretty sure that was Ras’s motivation in the comics. I know it was in Batman Begins. Know i know they’re using Ras in the CW shows but if DC has to pick i think it’s more likely they would screw over a CW show for a network show if they had to pick. But that’s just my speculation, as this show as shown you can never know what might happen.
  • I found it hilarious when Alfred sent Bruce to the bar while he was hitting on Lee. And the scene at the end with him berating Bruce was cute as well.
  • It was also nice to see Selina again and a callback to Season One. I think we will see her randomly throughout the season.
  • Did anyone else think more cops had died? Jim said Essen and nine others but with all the gunfire during the attack and how sudden and brutal it was that felt like a low number.
  • Did anyone else think Barbara had kind of a Harley Quinn vbe about her during the magic act? Also the over the top magician outfit feels like something the Batman Animated Series Joker would do.
  • I hate Jerome’s dead because the actor was so good. That said, I find the idea of everyone in Gotham who watched the broadcast becoming cackling murderous zombies rather intriguing. Plus it’s comics, there’s nothing that says he can’t come back someone.

Well that’s a few of my thoughts. Discuss in they comments below. As always if you have your own blog posts, or links to other recap or review sites you want to share, post them and i’ll add them.

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