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Gotham Season 2 Episode 5 - "Rise of the Villains:Scarification"

This is the recap megathread for Gotham Episode 5 “Scarification”. Be warned, there will be spoilers beyond this point.

Previously on Gotham...

Vic Mackey has come to town to shake things up. Penguin is doing errands for his new buddy Theo Galavan, at least while mommy dearest is Theo’s guest.


This was a decent episode. It moved us from the Jerome days to a new villain, the Strike Force taking on Penguin and we learn about Theo’s beef with the city of Gotham.

  • We saw a lot of moving in this episode. We have the Strike Force moving on Penguin, Penguin moving on Theo and Theo moving on what we learn is Wayne Enterprise. A lot of action in this one.
  • I can’t tell these Strike Force guys and gal apart. I know one died but I knew so little about him I found it hard to care.
  • In this episode we have the Pike Brothers, Fish loyalist arsonists who Penguin needs to do burns Theo has given him. Since he knows they won’t trust him, he gets Butch to go to Selena and ask her to broker the deal.
  • How did Butch know where to find Selena? Did he get her hideout from when she was working with Fish? She didn’t seem surprised to see him.
  • We are getting a lot of good stuff from Butch this season and I am loving it.
  • I am not sure WHAT to make of the Nygma/Kringle pairing. They go on a double date with Jim and Lee at Lee’s house and Nygma is acting fairly normal and Kringle is doting all over him. I get they’re doing a
    “Nutty Professor” thing with him but I just can’t buy her sudden acting out of character. I can buy her giving the guy a break and going to dinner with him but to be acting like this after what went down at his apartment last week, nope I don’t buy it.
  • We have a new villian, Firefly. This is Bridget, the “sister” to the Pike Bros. The truth is her mom was a hooker who did their dad and they keep her around to do their work and boss around. When thier crew mate gets killed at a raid at the Merc weapon shop they make her go into the buildings and set the fires as well as break a safe using.....an eyeball. At the begining of the episode Sid Bunderslaw, the Director of Physical Operations at Wayne Enterprises, is dropped off at Theo’s pad in a chest. It turns out they need something from him, and when asked which one to take, left or right, Theo tells Tabitha it dosen’t matter. We see this case passed from Theo to Penguin to the Pikes, and it’s the dude’s eye. Yuck. She uses it to open the safe and grab a knife but gets her leg set on fire trying to get out through the vent. To prevent that for the next time, she makes a suit to protect herself.
  • This is what Firefly looks like in the comics....

The suit she makes is pretty close

  • Selena seems to care for Bridget in her own way, trying to talk her into leaving the abusive Bros and helping her escape the cops at the end of the episode. It’s nice to see Selena doing stuff on camera not involving Bruce.
  • Ok so the knife. 200 years ago there were five dominant families in Gotham but for our purposes we only need to worry about the Dumas and the Waynes. Their was a Wayne daughter promised to the son of another family but during an Easter party went off with the son of the Dumas. When caught he claimed they were in love but she denied it. For punishment his hand was cut off, his familiy banished and their name striped from all Gotham history and the press forbidden to mention them on order of the Waynes. The knife was the same one used 200 years ago to cut off the hand. It’s an interesting take on the normally noble Wayne family we see represented by Martha and Thomas. The Dumas had changed their name and you will never guess what they changed it to....did you guess? Did you? Ok i’ll tell you.....Galavan.
  • Ok so I guess the writers have just said “If we’re going to be goofy, let’s go all the way”. We have guy’s hands getting cut off and the Merc. It’s described as a one stop shop for illegal weapons that had been buying off half the city council to avoid being busted, but Barnes isn’t having any of that crap. I wrote in my notes it’s a “Sam’s Club for illegal stuff” and I think that works. It’s just so blatant and open with what it’s doing, complete with a women on loudspeaker annoucning sales of machettes and guns. No black market would operate this way but since this is Gotham, we can let it slide.
  • We can also let slide Penguin’s plan to find his mom. Get Butch drunk, using mind rape to do so since Butch is still compelled to obey Penguin (Did you forget about that little tidbit from the end of last season? I think the writers did as well). He get’s him drunk and tells him he will go to Theo and convince him he’s turned on Penguin and wants in on Theo’s crew. Butch is convinced that Theo won’t buy it and Penguin agrees, admiting they need something so terrible to sell the betrayal, so out of nowhere Penguin chops off Butch’s hand. Because this is Gotham so of course he did.
  • Earlier Theo tries to get Jim’s endorsement for mayor but Jim declines, not wanting to get involved with politics. After all the arsons and the death of Strike Force member Luke Garrett, Jim accepts his offer. It’s almost as if Theo told Penguin to do the arsons as a means of convincing Jim to endorse him by promising his full support to take back the streets from the rampant crime....that he set in motion. A real Xanatos this guy.
  • The show ends with Theo talking to a Father Crell, someone he is close to. They discuss a bunch of warriors coming to Gotham and Theo says he is working on Bruce Wayne, eventually he will kill him. Crell seems pleased with the progress. So this is Court Of Owls, comic folks?

So overall a solid episode. I wish we got some more focus on these Strike Force guys. And we need Penguin Mom free so Penguin can launch an attack on Theo. See you guys next Monday.

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