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Gotham Season 2 Episode 6 - "Rise of the Villains:By Fire"

This is the recap megathread for Gotham Episode 6 “By Fire”. Be warned, there will be spoilers beyond this point.

Another solid Gotham. It closed out the Firefly story but revealed a new mysery and set in motion some major events. A few of my thoughts,

  • There were basically four stories in this episode. You had the cops looking for Firefly, Butch trying to get into Theo’s good graces to look for Mama Penguin, Selina trying to help Bridget get out of the city, and the blooming relationship betwenn Nygma and Kringle.Bruce has what i would call at best a few scenes.
  • I’ll start with the last one since it’s shortest. Nygma overhears Kringle telling Lee that while she likes him, she wishes he was more forceful. That night after dinner they have sex and in an attempt to show what she means to him confesses that he had killed Tom Dougherty to keep him from hurting her. She finally realizes the kind of person he is and tries to flee but Nygma grabbes her and while pleaing with her to understand the kind of person he really is and swearing he would never hurt her, strangles her to death. Whomp Whomp.
  • I knew it would be a sad end for Miss Kringle and I was right. I suppose we should be thankful they didn’t have him rape her. Honestly though, I never thought that would happen. I think he genuinelly cared for her and thought he was protecting her by killing Tom. And he only told her because he thought she wanted someone more agressive and forceful. But she’s gone and with her some of these rather interesting theories. I like the idea of her being related to the evil Santa portrayed in Lobo Paramilitary Christmas Special Vol 1 1

  • The Penguin plot had Butch trying to sell his betrayal to Theo. The girls don’t seem to buy it, even though I did like where they were suggesting things to put in his stump. I liked Barbara’s idea of a small chainsaw. Eventually they settle on a mallet which seems to fit this show well.
  • Butch manages to find a feed of Gurtrude but Theo steps right in just as he turns the tv off. He confessed he knows what Butch is up to but also seems to know of his conditioning. He says he can help Butch and leaves him with Tabatha who proceeds to strangle him with her whip. When we see him again he’s at Penguins, banged up but alive and saying he knows where Gertrude is.
  • He claims he escape captivity but I like the idea that somehow Theo or Tabatha broke the conditioning and sent him in as a mole. I think he will wait for the most prime opprotunity to strike at Penguin when he least expects it during the battle. It wouldn’t surprise me if he kills Mama Penguin to really hurt Oswald.

  • Bruce and the Strike Force are working over a firebug trying to get info on Bridget. Gordon dosen’t belive After beating the guy they leave him but the Strike Force tells him they will have to report this to Barnes. Barnes tells Gordon they will not break the law under his watch. Gordon is full of anger over Luke Garrett’s death, feeling responsible for taking him straight out of the Academy and putting him in this kind of work.
  • We see a bit of a reverse of this scene later, after Gordon learns more about Bridget and what she went through and Barnes throws that back in his face.
  • Barnes made a comment about something he did that wasn’t quite on the up and up but made no further details. I suspect we will hear about this more in later episodes.
  • In the end Gordon corners Bridget as she is trying to save women from being sold as sex slaves. He tries to talk her down but she refuses to surrender and ends up setting a police car on fire and imolating herself. Selina gets angry at Gordon for letting this happen when he gives her the news later. She doesn’t believe he did all he could to save her.
  • Gordon has an interesting arc in this episode. He goes from anger at Garrett’s death to sympathy towards Bridget.
  • At the end we see Bridget being wheeled to an underground facility. The signs say Indian Hills, and it’s part of Wayne Enterprises. If you remember Indian Hills was a “toxic waste dump on top of an Indian burial ground.” in Arkham that was given by Maroni to Falcone in exchange for Penguin. The ordeals wheeling Bridget underground comment thatthe public thinks she’s dead but that the suit melted to her and made her fireproof. That’s why she was being sent down there, with the “Rest of the monsters” for testing. We don’t see a lot but there are a couple of shots. We’ll be seeing more of this place, I can certainly guarantee it. Rumors are that Hugo Strange will make an appearance and so most likely this would be where he comes from. It could also be a place to introduce more monster like villians such as Clayface or Killer Croc.

  • Selina has an interesting story in this episode. She starts out wanting to help Bridget get out of town so they rob a auction of women being sold as sex slaves. Bridget right from the start wants to save the women but Selina convinces her they don’t have time and to take the money and run. After she gets grabbed by her brothers she arms herself for a rescue when Gordon confronts her. She says Bridget was just another girl in the neighborhood when Gordon asks why she is risking her neck. Gordon promises to try to save her but Barnes makes the point that she has now killed two more and her dosen’t care about the “hows and the whys the boo hoos”, you don’t make promises you can’t keep. Selina tries to talk to Bridget on top of a roof they hung out together at when they were kids. Bridget tells her that she’s now free and that she’s going to go after the “perves and the bullies” who hurt people like them. Selina tries to convince her that rule number one is to look after number one. Bridget belives this is what she was meant to do and thanks Selina for caring about her which she denies. Selina hugs her and tells her to be careful. After she dies Selina is angry aty Gordon for not keeping his promise. We see at the end that Bridgets death has affected her greatly and it is to be seen how this changes her outlook on life.

Random thoughts:

  • Bruce didn’t do much this episode. He trained with Alfred, had dinner with Theo and Silver St. Clair and afterwards he and Theo talked. Theo told him about Sam Bunderslaw going missing Theo seems to be playing Bruce’s love of his dad against him, calling Thomas a great man but bad things as his company. He tells Bruce he thinks he can tackle the problems at Wayne Enterprises and pledges to help once he’s mayor. It’s a nice scene that has a very interesting editing. It fades out with the two of them looking into a fireplace and fades to Pengunin looking into a different fireplace. One deal with the devil, to another.
  • “You’re cute for a doctor”
    “You’re cute, for a gangster” Even with a shotgun to her head Lee remains cool under pressure. And Jim walks in and acts like it’s no big deal she has a gun pointed at his girlfriend.
  • Nygma is trying to take on Hayden Christensen for worst on screen NOOOOOO!
  • Here’s what other’s have said.


“By Fire” may have been another one of this show’s villain-as-a-kid origin tales, but it was utilized nicely right at the end to open up a whole new side of the series - that of the Indian Hill monster farm.


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Just think of how depraved this show could be if it wasn’t airing at such a kiddie-friendly time.


I’ll post more as I find them. What did you think of this week’s episode?

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