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This is the recap megathread for Gotham Episode 8“Tonight’s The Night”. Be warned, there will be spoilers beyond this point.

I AM BACK BABY! I know I missed last week’s episode and for that I have taken it upon myself to impose a severe but appropriate punishment. I won’t tell you what it is but rest assured it fit the crime and has made me realize the error of my ways. Now enough of that insanity, and let’s move onto some new insanity with tonight’s Gotham.


While there were technically three stories tonight, really only two were of any import. We have Barbara Kean showing up at the GCPD trying to convince Gordan she can show him proof Galavan is behind everything that’s happened since the Arkham breakout. We have Galavan trying to work his charm’s on Baby Batman to convince him to trade his 51% ownership of Wayne Enterprises in exchange for his promise to clean up the corruption and illegal activity going on, as well as a folder Galavan claims has the name of the real Wayne killer in it. In addition there is a third sub plot with Nygma trying to bury Mrs. Kringle, but it amounts to really nothing until the end, and could be excised with nothing lost.

We start things off with Barbara having a nice dream of her and Jim doing a walkthrough of the wedding vows. When the father asks if she takes him to be her “unlawfully wedded husband”, she tries to correct him and Gordan gets annoyed. Then all hell breaks loose. The father turns into Cobblepot, the pews are filled with people in old time striped jail jumpsuits, Galvan is banging out a jam on the organ and Barbs vomits a bird....for some reason. She’s live tweeting!

Here is the full scene:

While this is happening Tabitha and Theo are talking. He is convinced he can persuade Bruce to sign over his stake in Wayne Enterprises but is concerned about Jim Gordon making trouble He can’t kill him because that would upset Bruce which will affect him getting the company, he needs Jim distracted. This is when Barbara walks in. She thanks him for her gift and he tells her that today is the day she gets to kill Jim.

Back at the GCPD Gordon is trying to convince Captain Barnes that Galavan has been behind everything that has happened. The breakout, the gala, the fires, he’s behind all of it. However, the only evidence they have is Butch and Penguin’s testimony. Barnes logically points out they are criminals who are on the run, and without any hard proof they won’t be able to make an arrest on Galavan. Lee points out that the dude did just become mayor. Then all of a sudden the GCPD gets a visitor. It’s Barbara Kean, here to see Jim. And cue opening.


After the opening we are in an interrogation room with Barbs and Jim. Lee Barnes and Bullock are watching behind the glass. Barbs won’t talk to anyone else but Jim. He tries to get her to talk about about Galavan and tell what she knows but she is quite coy. She says she is a bad person and Gordon tells her she’s a good woman but sick. Barbs brings out the tears and what is Jim’s response? To tenderly grab her face, kiss her and when she says she knows he still had feelings for her, not deny it. He does this with his girlfriend watching. She tells him that she has something she wants to show him and after that she will tell him everything. Lee isn’t convinced and tells Barnes that in her official capacity of M.E Barbs is sick and needs treatment. I guess M.E’s are also long distance psychiatrists in Gotham. Barnes’s makes a quip about kissing Barbs and Jim says it was a judgement call which Lee is obviously not happy with. In the end Barnes’s agrees with Jim’s plan. The Strike Force arms up and Barnes plans to have them follow in a TAC SUV and Barnes will be monitoring. He tells Bullock that Jim might not be able to make the call to pull the plug and if it comes to it he has to know that Bullock will follow his orders. Bullock is his usual sarcastic self but promises to follow his orders. Gordon tries one more time to convince Lee this is the only way but Lee thinks that Barbs is pulling Jim back to her because of his sickness, his need to run towards an abyss which allowed Barbs to get her claws back into him.

Barbs tells them to go downtown. Jim Barbs and Harvey drive around for a bit. Jim tries to convince Barbs that Galavan is behind everything and when he is done with her he will kill her. “Galavan’s using you like a puppet. It is Galavan behind all this, right? He’s a psychopath, he’s using you. He’s laughing at you, and when it’s done, he’ll kill you.”He also tells her he knows she is leading him into a trap. Barbs tells Jim that if they stop he gets nothing. She also reminds him that they were going to be married, and she had bought a dress.


After some time they start driving into a bad area that has a lot of high vantage points and is confined, perfect for an ambush. Barnes tells them he is pulling the plug but Bullock pretends the signal is bad and turns off the radio. Right after this the trap is sprung. A semi rams the car and a group of armed men come out and open fire. The Strike Force is overwhelmed, Harvey is knocked out and Jim sees Barbara outside the car but before he can do anything is knocked out with a needle to the neck. Barnes orders a 20 block perimeter and tells Bullock to go home for blatantly ignoring his direct order.

Jim wakes up in the church where he and Barbs were supposed to be web. Barbs is in her wedding dress, presumably the gift from Galavan at the beginning of the episode. She has a shotgun and he’s tied to a chair. It’s the dress she had picked out for their wedding. “I know, can you believe it still fits?”. She has a priest and people in the pews bound and gagged. You can’t have a wedding without witnesses, she tells Jim. “Aren’t you tired of hiding your true self? Tired of lying to yourself? To Lee?” He says he doesn’t lie to Lee and then Tabitha wheels Lee into the chruch, bound in a wheelchair. They banter a bit and Barbs seemed surprised Lee knew about Jim’s deal with Penguin to get reinstated. She does slip and reveal where Mayor James is being stashed. Eventually she gets pissed off and threatens to cut lee’s face off but by then Jim had broken the rope bounding his hands and grabs the shotgun. The cops arrive because despite being told to leave, Bullock was the only doing real police work and determined from the audio recording made during the ride that everything was going down at the church. The cops hit Tabitha in the shoulder and she is forced to retreat. Jim and Barbs have a final confrontation in the church attic. She lunges at him with a knife and misses, falling through the window. He tries to pull her in but in what is actually a rather sad scene, she tells him she loves him and lets go. But she’s ok. She took massive injuries and has a concussion but will survive. Outside the church Lee tells Jim when this is all done, they need to talk. Big surprise there. They find the mayor alive in the warehouse on the docks when Barbs told them he would be.


The B story involves Galavan trying to convince Bruce to sign over his 51% of Wayne Enterprises in exchange for his promise to clean up the company and proof of who the real killer of his parents are. Bruce is conflicted about it. He wants to protect his father’s legacy. “If Mayor Galavan can truly fix Wayne Enterprises, isn’t it my moral duty to allow him to do so, for my father’s legacy?” Alfred tells him that he is is father’s legacy.

Bruce goes back to Galavan’s office and is almost about to sign over the shares but changes his mind at the last minute. Thats when the cops come in to arrest Theo for the kidnapping of Mayor James.


The last story is Nygma trying to bury Kringle. He drives out to a secluded spot in the woods where he has setup a picnic near a hole. He dragged the trunk containing poor Kristen Kringle in it and puts it in the hole. “Thanks to you, I am whole. I will not forget you.”. He tells a riddle as a eulogy when a hunter comes up behind him and asks him what is going on when he sees the trunk in the hole. His concern gets him knocked over hte head with a shovel. Nygma has to go find a saw since the guy is to big for the hole. But when he gets back he sees his picnic has been disturbed. “For a secluded forest this sure has a lot of foot traffic. Looks like it’s going to get a bit crowded in there!” At the end of the episode he’s found a trailer and is about to enter when who should stumble out but a wounded Penguin. End episode

Random thoughts:

  • Bullock sure seemed interested in antagonizing Barnes this episode. Right from the beginning he’s saying they will beat a confession out fo Galavan and then blatantly ignoring his order to pull out when the order was given since he couldn’t trust Jim to do it. It seems rather stupid for Bullock. Dude is cynical but he’s not dumb. I just couldn’t see him needlessly trying to antagonize Capt. Essen.
  • The Riddler storyline was pointless but it was well worth it for the reveal at the end. Please make the penguin and riddler team up!
  • The Strike Force sure grew quickly. I thought it was going to be something that Jim would be personally involved in and at first it was. We got 4 members but then two were killed off and now i guess we’re supposed to assume Jim and Barnes have been picking replacements off camera.
  • Lee has to be the most patient girlfriend ever. She watches her boyfriend kiss his ex right in front of her and says nothing. I hope we get to see the fallout from this when they are not at work.
  • The scene with Alfred and Bruce was really nice and touching. I can understand why bruce would want this to all be over but in the end I think he made the right choice not to trust Galavan.
  • That being said, if Theo had sent Silver to make the request it might have been harder for Bruce to turn her down.

Additional Recaps:

All of the quotes I put in the recap I got from here so I want to make sure I give them proper credit.


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