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This is the recap megathread for Gotham Episode 9 “A Bitter Pill To Swallow”. Be warned, there will be spoilers beyond this point.

This weeks Gotham was interesting primarily for the Penguin/Riddler hookup. I can hear the sounds of keyboards pumping out yaoi fanfic even as we speak.


....thank you George.

Anyway, running late and with so much to do today I don’t have time for much recap. And Rob already did his on the MP so not sure how many will read this. But in short, medicore episode. Jim reminds us yet again that he has a dark side, and likes shooting guys with glasses. Missy....ok I know it’s another character played by Michelle Gomez. But in my head canon she’s Missy and Alfred is a reincarnation of The Doctor hiding out taking the role of a butler/child hiter. Anyway she is amazing and we need her in more shows. Riddler/Penguin make an amazing bromance. I agree with Rob, the female rookie might as well have been called Officer Redshirt. Lee is the most patient girlfriend ever, not even making a big deal about the whole making out with his EX move her BF did. Anyway, a few additional recaps. Here’s the MP.





I’ll add more later. Have a good one everyone.

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