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Gotham Season 3,Episode 2:"Mad City-Burn The Witch"

Penguin confronts Fish

Well folks, sorry about the delay but here is our recap of Episode 2 of Gotham. I know i said i wasn’t going to do them but some of you seem to like these and don’t care if they are bit late. So i’ll do my best as long as I have people liking them.

There were monsters rampaging through the city and sinsiter women with hidden agends. But enough about the debate, lets dig into Gotham


This was another really solid episode where it felt like everything was balanced right. We had enough of each story. We had Baby Bats confronting the Court Of Owls, Penguin getting his chance at revenge, the hunt for Fish by Jim and Valarie and what happened to Ivy after she fell into the sewer.

First off lets look at Ivy because that’s the shortest story of the episodes.

She can trim my plant anyday he he...i’m horrible

After falling into the water pipe at the end of last week’s episode we see her wash up in the river outside the city. She’s also aged several years, from being touched by the guy who killed Peabody. His power must be accelerated aging. I’m sure this is how they plan to get the villians closer to the age they need to be, except in Ivy’s case it wasn’t an issue, like say with Harvey Dent who is older than Bruce by many years. Maybe the guy can reverse aging as well. Her story is pretty much getting helped by a trucker, coming to his house, wearing his ex-wife’s clothes and killing him because he threw away a houseplant that had died. See, told you it would be quick

“Did i remember to set the DVR to record WWE Smackdown?”

Back on the Baby Bats front, Bruce is awkaen at a table where he sees the woman in the mask who was ordering Strange around at Indian Hill. She takes her mask off and we get the recoginition from Bruce teased in the trailer. Except it’s really not that important, since all he does is recall her being someone he’s see at Wayne Enterprises. It turns out Bruce isn’t completly naive and was playing the board during his confrontation last episode.


After some banter they come to a deal. He ceedes Wayne Enterprises to her and her group and agrees to stop investigating the murder of his parents and the corruption in exchange for no further threats on his life or those he cares about. She agrees since she pretty much has Wayne Enterprises already and tells Bruce they won’t see each other again. We don’t see him again until the end whenhe confesses the deal to Alfred. Alfred says he needs to take dancing lessons to fill his newly found free time when they hear another intruder get through the manor’s cracck security system. It’s Other! Bruce.

Please tell me you have some conditioner I can use!

The meat of the episode is the hunt for Fish between Penguin and his mob and the GCPD, as well as Fish looking for Strange so he can fix her. Harvey gets nabbed by Fish and Barnes and Jim have to find him while she uses him to find Strange. We get some great performances from everyone. B.D Wong is back to just making out the dialoug as he was in Season 2. I think he is having way to much fun with this role. Robin gives another great performance. He spends the episode rallying the citizens of Gotham to take back their city from the monsters. The so-called monsters are one of the weaker points. The only one who seemed interesting was the one who aged Ivy. There is also a ninja woman who looks like she could have been in the League Of Assassins and a speedster. But they both die pretty easily. The highlight of the episode is Penguin confronting Fish to ask why she let him live under the bridge at the end of Season 2. She confessed she couldn’t kill her creation, she turned Oswald Cobblepot into the Penguin and she couldn’t destroy that. Even without dialouge, Robin’s facial acting tells all you need to know and Jada gives a strong performance as well.


Overall a solid second episode into the series. I hope we keep going strong.


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