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Gotham Season 3,Episode 4:"Mad City-New Day Rising"

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Welcome folks to the recap of this week’s Gotham, “New Day Rising”. Sorry i missed last week’s episode but I am here for the second part of the Mad Hatter story. Lets pull out our watches and go down the rabbit hole.


Previously On Gotham....

Penguin decides to use his new found influence with the public to run for Mayor. We get the return of the Penguin/Riddler bromance, the best part of Season 2. Jervis Tetch aka Mad Hatter is in town looking for Alice, his sister, who has some crazy blood that requires burning down buildings if it is spilled. She was in Indian Hills trying to be cured but surprise, she wasn’t and Jervis hires Gordon to find her. It turns out she dosen’t want to be found by Jervis. Jervis uses hypnosis to almost make Gordon kill himself but is saved by Alice. Jim also meets Lee’s finance Mario, who with Lee now live in Gotham. He’s a doctor who patches Jim up, she has her old M.E job back, nothing awkard about this at all. Oh he’s also Falcone’s son. Bruce Clone finds Wayne Manor. Baby Bats tends to him despite Alfred misgivings, only to have him steal a Rolls and go after Seline after she storms off mad at Bruce for not helping her look for Ivy. He finds her and she buys that it’s the real Bruce despite him styling his hair in a way Bruce never has and talking not like Bruce ever has .


Well the name of the episode is New Day Rising...


Hey, rabbit hole...Mad Hatter....ha ha...Anyway moving on.

There are three major plotlines this week. Penguin running for Mayor, Bruce and his clone and the hunt for Jervis. I will just be doing notes and observations this week since I am running late.

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  • Robin Lord Taylor dropped a hint that we might be getting more Penguin and Riddler working together when I met him at DragonCon. I am thrilled to see them together again. Robin and Cory Michael Smith have such great chemistry together.
  • I love how Riddler of all people is Oswald’s consiousce, trying to get him to run a clean campaign. I hope this isn’t him setting up Oswald for a betrayel later on. I don’t think so because Ed owes Oswald for geting him out of Arkhma.
  • I love the conflict between Butch and Ed. Oswald either dosen’t notice or is doing a Palpatine thing, letting them fight it out to see who emerges stronger. I hope it’s Riddler. I love Butch but Corey is so great to watch
  • “Make Gotham Safe Again”. That’s very familiar.
  • I was actually surprised Penguin won. It will be interesting to see where they go with that.
  • I believe in you, Oswald even when you don’t believe in yourself.Nygma

  • Whatever the spell was Jervis cast on Jim, it’s still working and almost makes Jim walk into traffic.
  • Gordan’s theme this week is regret. The hypnosis Jervis put on him is making his face his regrets about his past.
  • “At some point, you’re gonna have to make peace with the decisions you’ve made,”- Barnes.
  • Jim and Lee have a heart to heart after The Terrible Tweeds, the professional wrestlers Jervis hypnotizes (no not making that up) attack the GCPD. Jervis uses his watch which is the trigger for Gordon to almost make him kill himself but Barnes manages to knock him out. She says Mario was a lifeline but she never stopped caring for Jim. Oddly she never specifically mentions the baby that was lost but I guess we’re supposed to assume it’s implied.
  • They find Jervis at the amusement park hideout we see at the begining of the episode. Sadly during the fight Alice is killed, falling on a piece of metal and implaed. Kind of brutal for a network show.
  • Did anyone else get Christ symbolism from the way Alice looked after she died?
  • Oh and Jervis took samples of her blood. Apparently it makes people react different when they contact it. So it’s a nice plot device to introduce more strange elements of the Batman universe. Jerivs threatened to put it in the water supply if anything happened to her. I don’t think he took it with her when he escaped after the stand off thankfully.

  • The rest of the episode is Clone Bruce and Selina.
  • Selina is not good at the whole sneaking in thing. I was surprised how quickly she got caught.
  • It isn’t until Clone Bruce saves her with some crazy kung-fu moves that she figures out it’s not Bruce. I guess the stealing a car, something Bruce would never do since he’s such a goody goody wasn’t enough of an obvious clue.
  • “Take in a show; do a little bit of shopping; have a facial. I mean, where do pain-resistant clones of multibillionaire teenagers usually go?”
  • it will be interesting to see where they go with this story. Clone Bruce is now back with the Court Of Owls. I’m sure we haven’t seen the last of him. He did seem very Batman like when he jumped off the building. It looked like something out of an Arkham game.

Well there we are, just my thoughts on this weeks episode. What did you all think?


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