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Great big spoilers and the Doctor's real name

Spare part surgery! The Doctor meets a newly minted Cyberman.

Beware spoilers! Beware spoilers! Beware spoilers! Beware spoilers! Beware spoilers! Beware spoilers! Beware spoilers! Bad Wolf! Beware spoilers! Beware spoilers! Beware spoilers! Beware spoilers! Bad Wolf! Beware spoilers! Bad Wolf!

Feel free to react! We have World and Time Enough. Or maybe not?


Did I mention the spoilers? There will be spoilers. You might have expected them. Or not! A few days back (and I should have posted this in a time-sealed box) I made myself a little bet on a certain event happening in the latest episode of Doctor Who. This would get everyone raven, I thought. And gosh! That’s what happens!

There is a surprising amount of menace in this episode. A surprising scene and maybe a touch too much fan service.

So you know, there are spoilers. Really! Spoilers! You have been warned.


So the latest episode starts with a tease. The TARDIS materialises in a snow storm and The Doctor steps out with a bit of a glow around his face. “No,” he says, falling to his knees. It looks like he is regenerating. Have we been here before?

Roll opening titles.

The title of the episode comes from the opening line of the 17th Century work, ‘To His Coy Mistress’, a metaphysical poem by Andrew Marvell (1621–1678). It isn’t the first episode title to have been drawn from the verse with a later line running, ‘I would /Love you ten years before the Flood…’


The TARDIS materialises again. This time on the control deck of a spaceship. Missy comes out and declares that she is “Doctor Who”. That’s his real name you know. The next few minutes are exposition and the kind of gag that doesn’t work as well as it should. Either that or somebody shuffled an office memo into the script and forgot it was there.


Or it just might be that Mr M is extracting the proverbial.

Hey Missy! You’re so fine!

The ship is a colony ship, 400 miles long, 100 miles wide. It is attempting to pull away from a black hole but progress is slo-oooow. Missy is being tested but her attitude is kind of abrasive. She, Bill and Nardole are joined on the deck by a frantic gun-toting blue guy, Jorj, worried that one of them is human and the fear that “they” are coming. The Doctor rushes from the TARDIS and tries to convince him to put the gun down, promising to save his life. And then ...

Well then there’s a shot ...

Not so much a plot hole as a Potts hole.

Bill doesn’t look too comfortable. We cut to a flash back at Bristol University where The Doctor is talking about devising a redemptive test for Missy. He explains that he/she is his oldest friend. But it is one of those conversations tempered with a nostalgia for Gallifrey as The Doctor wants it to be rather than how it was. Bill reckons testing Missy is a bad idea, adding “OK, just don’t get me killed.”

Back to the present. They’ve killed Bill! The light is fading from her eyes when a trio of beings wearing sock masks arrive with a gurney. They talk via possum boards in a very familiar voice. Slow on the uptake, Doc!


The beings promise to “repair” Bill and take her away. As she is carried off, The Doctor sends a telepathic instruction that she should wait for him.

We get two threads from here. The blue chap explains there were no colonists on the ship, just a skeleton delivery crew. A team went to lower decks to deal with a fault, never returned, but suddenly 20 detected life-signs became thousands.


The Doctor gets to explain about time dilation. Time is passing more quickly at the bottom of the ship. I keep thinking the ship should be bigger for such a pronounced effect?


On a lower deck, Bill wakes to a creepy surgeon then blacks out again. She wakes to find she has been fitted with some kind of chest unit but can’t bring herself to look under her nightgown.


Bill makes pals with Mr Razor who comes across like Jathro Zathras in Babylon 5. Or he might be like Zathras? Could be Zathras though? Anyway, like him. He’s better company than the matron who has Bill mopping floors. Mr Razor has a tv monitor set up to observe slo-mo Missy, The Doctor and Nardole with Jorj on the upper deck. Bill keeps getting flashes of The Doctor telling her to wait for him.

She does, however, think about heading back up to the control room. Except Mr Razors gives her up, to help her, for “the full upgrade”. The creepy sugeon is back and it is Bill’s turn.


The Doctor flips Jorj with some Venusian Akido and he heads down to the lower levels with Missy and Nardole. Finding a computer terminal, he asks Missy to find out where the ship comes from and heads on with Nardole.

Missy finds out the ship is from an Earth-like planet - Mondas. Mr Razors steps in and asks if she recalls being there before. He adds that The Doctor will never forgive what she has done to his friend.


Fancy that! Mr Razors is The Master in disguise and he is worried about his future. Meanwhile, The Doctor and Nardole have discovered lots of files relating to something called “Operation Exodus”. Then they meet a cyberman. Can it use the neural network to find Bill?


Missy joins them followed by The Master. It’s not so much an exodus as a genesis. And the cyberman is Bill. At least she waited. Cue cyber tear!

In case you are wondering, my little bet was on the likelihood that Bill gets assimilated. To be continued


PS as Dented just pointed out, it was Zathras, Zathras and Zathras in Babylon 5 not Jathro.

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