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Green Arrow is too late to save to Dinah from the brutality at the hands of Jankowski. He fires an arrow straight through the old man’s chest, but Jankowski laughs and grows in size to become a red dragon who sets Oliver on fire... Ollie wakes from the nightmare at Dinah’s bedside. They’re in a hospital and she has been unconscious since arrival. Lt. Cameron visits this Jane Doe (he doesn’t know Ollie and Dinah’s identities) and finds Ollie standing vigil. Cameron asks him how he was able to save this unidentified women from a burning warehouse in time. Ollie doesn’t answer.


Lt. Cameron informs GA that several burnt bodies were found in that warehouse along with was a crack cocaine lab. And also found,what looked like two different arrow heads, but resolves to wait and see if Jane Doe will have any answers.

Ollie decides to investigate who Shado might be and pays a visit to a tattoo parlor.

The tattoo artist informs him of the mastery of an image similar to Shado’s and how those are only reserved for warriors, mainly men. It is not possible for a woman to bare such a distinct honor.


In flasbacks, we see Shado has been trained since childhood to become an assassin by the Yakuza. Business man Magnor is chastized by CIA operative Osbourne for the attention of the burnt crack lab and the plan to fund the Contras through the sale of drugs on the streets of Seattle has been put in jeopardy because of Magnor’s carelessness.

Flashback, Shado is told of her parents fate by her master in the Yakuza. With WWII looming, Shado’s father was given the job of establishing a business in America which would become an empire. He was entrusted with 2 million dollars in gold bullion to this end. But as war raged and national fears of invading hordes threatened the U.S. Japanese immigrants were placed in what was not officially called Concentration Camps.


There, Shado’s parents were interrogated by military men, namely Magnor and Cronan. Through torture of Shado’s mother, the father was forced to reveal the possession of the bullion and Magnor and Cronan took it. The Yakuza viewed the father’s weakness as disgrace and for payment Shado’s life was forfeited. She was raised as one to avenge the theft.

This is why she has gone around the US killing men in their sixties and dubbed The Robin Hood Killer.


Nonetheless, the cocaine buy has been set in motion. Osbourne will meet Magnor within Mt. Rainier for the exchange. Shado finds out and in disguise informs Ollie of the plan.

Withint the snow covered forest of Mt Rainier, Green Arrow is confronted by Shado and she offers him an allegiance,


Green Arrow must choose to help who he views as a murderer to stop the drug deal and avenge Dinah or bring Shado in for justice for her crimes.


As I stated in Part 1, I won’t reveal the end to this great story which planted the seeds for one Oliver Queen in the t.v. series Arrow. Most evident by the hood he wears which was created by writer/artist MIke Grell.

But the most important character of the comic was Shado, by far. Much like Furiosa, in Mad Max: Fury Road, Shado played a pivotal role in the story. She showed Green Arrow that as a crime fighter one must make a hard decision in dealing with human criminals.


A personal note: The most disappointing part of Arrow, was the mishandling of Shado’s character. For those of you who watch the show, you know her as Ollie’s love interest and fighting companion, but in TLH and the ensuing ongoing series, she was that and so much more. I’m not sure why she has been abandoned as a character. She might appear in the pages of GA today, but I don’t know. While Mike Grell is the creator, he is not given credit as such in TLH.

I wish some of you read this wonderfully drawn and hand painted story as it deserves the readership much like The Dark Knight Returns and The Watchmen.


Look for it at your LCS or at comixology.

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