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Green Arrow vs Stardust... Round 1, Fight!

Apparently Stephen Amell is going ringside this WWE Summerslam event against Stardust. Although their feud has been social media ONLY the past few months (since May, it seems) things come to head during Neville Vs King Barret match when Amell, a guest, was shoved in the face by Stardust. This led to... well, see for yourself...


Of course, this is the guy who scaled the Salamander Ladder and gave the smackdown to Ras Al Ghul- he’s not taking this lying down, the DCTVU is at stake! (Or it has to, else, what’s the point?) So he’s going after Stardust in of course, Summerslam! Time to see if all that quiver reach around and bow pulling exercises are going to pay off!

Gentlemen, place your bets!

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