NFL Player Announces "Hogwarts" as Alma Mater

In a blink-and-you'll-miss-it moment, a Carolina Panthers player declared his alma mater to be "Hogwarts" in the opening minutes of Sunday Night Football. I was so certain of what I thought I'd just heard but was still incredulous b/c I wasn't paying enough attention to the screen to see the guy hamming it up in those sunglasses so the jokiness didn't get across.

Greg Hardy Is "Kraken," And He Went To Hogwarts

Donning sunglasses, Panthers defensive end Greg Hardy said his name was "Kraken" and that he attended Hogwarts during SNF's player intros. But the nickname wasn't totally random.

Back in the summer, Hardy gave nicknames to Carolina's defensive line. As a whole, they are "MonStrz Inc." but each player has his own title. From the Charlotte Observer:

Hardy has long called himself the “Kraken,” but has added names for Charles “The Loch Ness Monster” Johnson, Kawaan “Minotaur” Short, Star “Hydra” Lotulelei and Dwan “Phoenix” Edwards (because Edwards keeps “rising” out of the ashes to resurrect his NFL career, Hardy said).

There you go. Greg Hardy likes nicknames.

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