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Greyscale Star Wars: The Last Jedi

And we arrives at the end, everyone. The Last Jedi and the last Star Wars Greyscale, at least for now. Let’s do this.

Out the gate, I like Rian Johnson’s style over Abrams. Where Abrams is stylized and sleek, Johnson is more grounded and intimated. Both styles work for their respective movies because The Force Awakens’ intent is to draw you in the adventure and forget all about the prequels (Which he does). Now that they have the audience’s attention, they can do newer things. If it was an album, Force Awakens is the bombastic but familiar lead single whereas Last Jedi is the experimental new tracks.


Honestly, I do understand why people don’t like this movie. The Rose/Finn and Poe/Holdo storylines both go on for a long time and seem useless. Luke and Rey are talking about everything that isn’t the answer to questions we have. This is supposed to be the new Empire Strikes Back where our heroes lose but this time, it’s not from some external force. They fail because of their own mistakes.

With that said, that might be why I love about it. It changes the stakes and makes us proper unsure of the future. Unfortunately, that feeling can make people uncomfortable and um, lash out. A lot. I’m not excusing the lashing out but I understand it.

I’ve mentioned in the past that Star Wars tends to be pulpy and then during the third act, they add another genre in the mix. The Last Jedi, however, is really interesting because of all the different genres. Rey/Luke/Kylo storyline feel more medieval and mystical but also with sports movie/P.I. story? Hear me out, so Luke is the old great Dude, who is called to action by a determined prodigy but is haunted by his big mistake, embodied by past prodigy. Don’t judge me, okay?


Meanwhile, the rest of the stories are a 1920s noir about the cops vs. the mafia. Leia’s trying to get her hotshot detective in line but he goes renegade with the spunky rookie and his informant. Meanwhile, Kylo’s trying to make his after his last job went helter skelter over some dame who just won’t leave him alone. The setting also explain the third act genre of WWI movie as well support things like DJ’s Artful Dodger act and Canto Bight’s lush settings. As one of Johnson’s past movies, Brick, is described as a modern noir, it’s not too surprising that he brought that to the table.


And since I’ve mentioned it time and time again in these articles, *Deep sigh* Canto Bight Yes, this scene serves no real purpose. Yes, this is a balant “CGI ADVENTURE” sequence. Is it the worst of these in the series? Absolutely not that goes to the beginning of Revenge and the factory scene in Clones.

One of the few complaints I have (For just this movie) is that I think Leia should have sacrificed herself and not Holdo. We spent most of the movie not trusting her and it might have been a little more impactful to see all of the original trio gone by this movie. Part of me now wonders if Leia was supposed to die (As Holdo was a brand new character and could easily take Leia’s spot after her death) but higher ups didn’t approve.



  • The burning temple looks like the Rebel symbol.
  • Everyone was talking about how this movie went so feminist but no one notice that Luke and Rey’s storyline can be seen as outcry against gentrification. Seriously, the temple was fine for a thousand generation and within 40 years, everything gone!
  • BTW, That was a fake take. Don’t “Well, actually” me.
  • Rose is a precious squishy. I love her and her optimism.
  • DJ is the only chaotic neutral person in this entire franchise and I love it.
  • Actually, I love his entire aesthetic. His duster, the backwards hat and stutter. *Chef’s kiss*
  • I need Disney to do a short movie about Maz and the union disputes because that’s one of the best movies I’m never going to get.
  • Seeing Snoke in this makes me sing the Grandpa’s clothes line in Thrift Shop. Seriously, he’s in a gold lamé robe.
  • I love that each trilogy has its own style with lightsaber fighting. The first ones was clumsy and awkward like they’re using broadswords. The prequels is the Jedi at their best and more like martial arts. Now, the style is broadswords again but with a new brutality and strength behind it.
  • I’d be cool with a Holdo origins book. Or short film. DO MORE SHORT FILMS, DISNEY!!
  • Leia first meets Luke: LOL, you’re short! Sees Luke for the time in years: I changed my hair. An accurate depiction of sisters.

AND THAT’S GREYSCALE DONE!! This has been a great experiment and I’m glad that I could share this with you all. Geesejuggler signing off for the last time!! Keep calm and Carrie on!!

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