There’s motherf@##ng haunted dolls in the motherf#¢÷1ng plane! I just noticed this nice little articles on Jezebel about hunted dolls on planes in Thailand, and I think it deserves to be shared. Let’s make some movie sinopsis and memes about it, shall we?

So i’m gonna be either sleeping or at workshop with other teachers for a bit, but I trust you guys the place won’t burn to the ground by the time I’m back. I was thinking that this story is fantastic fodder for great to crappy movies. In my movie, there’s a war between two haunted dolls for control over the souls of people on the plane. It starts with one trying to take over, but quickly stopped by a competing doll.

What would your movie be like? I’ll leave you a picture of that old doll that keeps making noises on my stairs while i’m not watching.