I really liked that little movie! Me in cinema: That has the potential to become a Christmas Trick ‘r Treat. Me at home, googeling the director/writer: Well. What you you say about that. :) (There will be minor Spoilers. Possibly in German. :) )

(In case you haven’t seen Trick r Treat you should put it on next year’s Halloween movie list.) :)

Also - go watch Krampus this Christmas. It’s a really good mix of creepy horror and dark comedy. The opening credits are among the funniest Christmas movie scenes I know - and the final scene is one of the creepiest.

Of course I have a soft spot for a movie that uses my favorite German-ish tradition. And does so respectfully. (I am not in fact from a region of Germany/Austria where celebrating Krampus is adhered, but I love him!) It’s respectful enough to cast an actress for exposition-Omi (Granny) who not only speaks German, but is, in fact, Austrian - the Mainland and Homebase of Krampus. (And believe me, the difference matters.) And it gets its German language parts right....... (I’m looking at you Grimm.....)


Including little tidbits, like the name of the family trying to save their Christmas from Krampus (never spoken, but seen for seconds only once) being Engel (Angel).

For Americans, you may enjoy the Christmas Vacation worthy invasion of the Rednecks or Krampus’ little helpers, trying hard to imitate Gremlins for parts of the movie. When they stop doing that, they’re..... incredibly creepy at their very own right! Just like Krampus - it’s a really good creature design... I can’t help but notice dedications to everyone who is Weta Digital in the credits. That pays.


But be warned - as it is the habit for a Germanic feel good kids story, there’s no guarantee that the kids in it actually make it. Krampus didn’t come all the way across the Atlantic to follow American suburban PC. ;) Well, it’s a PG13 horror film, but in the restraints of that, nothing is sacred. Not even Santa. I can’t count how many Santa figures get crushed and shattered in some - very subtle symbolism... ;)

It’s beginning to look like Christmas. If you want to see how really horrible that can be before your own family arrives, go see it! :)


Or you’ll get spanked. Because that is another thing about our Christmas - getting a piece of coal is a piece of cake for naughty kids!

Disclosure - Nobody gets spanked in the movie.

That is, to be honest, limited to adult victims, nowadays anyway. The movie does follow Krampus’ other tradition though of just taking naughty children to an in the legend not in detail described place. We do get - a little more information about that one in last scene. Whose creepiness factor I already mentioned.


PS - Also: Jawas. Because there’s some kind of Star Wars merchandise under every Christmas tree this year, I guess.. :D