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Guilty Pleasures

Admit it. There is at least one movie out there that you stop the world to sit and watch (whether or not it's genre is beside the point).

For me, it's Troop Beverly Hills. I can recite this movie from beginning to end without hesitation.


To date, I use the term, "It really frosts my cookies..." to vocalize my disgust with a situation. And when confronted with a skill set that is a little beyond my grasp:

And don't get me started about the "It's Cookie Time!" song, because just typing this, it's playing on a constant loop in my head.

And YES, I have wanted to redesign my entire wardrobe just to have a fashion show where it gets revealed.


SOOOOO, what are your guilty pleasures or at the very least, what movies can you recite from beginning to end ?


(Note: If you just came here to debate the semantics of the term "guilty pleasure" then you're probably on the wrong post.)

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