Fantasy Flight Games, the guys behind the X-Wing tabletop dogfighting game (also a bunch of other awesome things) are making a new minatures game that's essentially Battlefleet Gothic... but Star Wars. I'm very disappointed in our inability to have picked this up sooner.

Star Wars: Armada, due out in early 2015, focuses on large scale battles in the Star Wars universe, between fleets of Capital Ships instead of individual starfighters (although wings of attack fighters still play a role - it wouldn't be Star Wars without X-Wings and TIE fighters flying around!) - with players commanding these massive ships by planning sequences of movements ahead of execution (using a unique movement tool to emulate the cumbersome turning speed of these gigantic cruisers), as well as dealing with firing arcs, shield positioning and point defense systems... you know, all the incredibly geeky and awesome aspects of large scale ship-to-ship combat.


The whopping $100 Core set will come with oodles of cards, dice, range measures and tokens needed to play, as well as models for a Rebel and Imperial fleet - the Rebels getting a Nebulon-B Frigate and a Corellian Corvette, alongside several squadrons of X-Wings, whilst the Empire gets a single, meaty capital ship in the Victory-II class Star Destroyer and several wings of TIE Fighters. Presumably, just like the X-Wing game, FFG will expand the line at a later date with more painted Capital Ships (and unpainted fighter wings) for you to buy to grow your burgeoning fleets with. Unfortunately it doesn't come with the appropriate battle music - you'll just have to play that on your phone whenever you roll the dice. Or, more likely, just play it in your head on loop!

You can head on over to the Fantasy Flight Games blog for a more detailed look at just how Armada will work - or if you're heading to Gen Con 2014 this Weekend, check out live demos of the game at the company's booth.

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