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Guys, I did something really impulsive, but kind of awesome today

Everyone, meet Bonsai. He's a 3-5 year old Pomeranian/????. And he's my new dog.

He's a rescue who was going to be put down today. I let my emotions get the better of me. I don't regret it at all, but there are things I completely forgot about.


He's a really good little guy, doesn't growl or get angry. He loves all the attention he can get. Yeah, I know the picture doesn't do him any justice, but this is him after a solid half-hour of doing nothing but running around my parents house (and that it was taken with my phone, who's camera is horrible).

The only problem is Ein and Jill haven't met him yet. We're currently hiding out at my parents house and this is where the stupid part of my idea comes in. I know I shouldn't have done it without making sure they get along, but I'm a bleeding heart when it comes to dogs.

He gets along great with my parents dogs, so I hope the same will be true of Ein and Jill. My parents would have adopted him (they're the ones who first saw him and made me aware of him) but with Jessie's due date so close they couldn't.

I keep thinking of how much of an idiot I am, but then he runs up and dances around my legs trying to get me to play with him and I just can't help but think of how happy I am that I did it.


I'm in for a rough week, I guess.

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