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Gyles Who? New Time Lord on the Beeb

Gyles takes control of the TARDIS.

You wait ages for a new Who and then several come at once. The list of potential names keeps getting longer but did BBC1 treat viewers to a backdoor pilot for what we can expect to follow Mr Capaldi?

When I say run ...

Raconteur, former MP, and Teddy Bear aficionado Gyles Brandreth took the TARDIS out for a spin last night to try and make sense of the current British political scene. Not sure he was taking it that seriously.

Brandreth has some form in the Whoniverse. He has appeared in several of the Big Finish audio Doctor Who adventures. And as he donned the scarf for This Week’s round up of the latest politics, Anne Widdecombe was on the couch with Chuka Umunna and Andrew Neil but didn’t once defend her support of Harold Saxon.

Luckily the Masterful Harold isn’t around to brainwash the electorate at large. Oh wait ...


That’s Corbyn-style beard he is sporting.

You might think elections and Doctor Who schedules are only arranged so that Radio Times can create groovy Dalek covers.


Theresa May was looking forward to the Doctor Who Christmas Special, do you suppose she will have time to watch the current series?


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