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H.Bomberguy is Currently Raising Tons of Money for a Trans Charity Via Donkey Kong 64

YouTuber H.Bomberguy, also known as Harris Brewis, is someone primarily known for their videos about disproving pseudoscience and various pop culture, uh, stuff, but this weekend, he decided to play the Nintendo 64 game Donkey Kong 64 to 101% completion while streaming on Twitch in order to raise money for the UK-based trans charity Mermaids.

The “raising money for Mermaids” part was inspired by Graham Linehan, a writer and comedian who wrote one of my favorite shows, The IT Crowd, and yet is also somehow a transphobic piece of trash once compared trans activism to Naziism (...what) and was warned about harassing a transwoman on Twitter by the police. When Mermaids was supposed to receive a donation of $500,000 via a lottery, Linehan objected and got a massive email campaign to void the donation. So H.Bomberguy decided, well, fuck that shit. Hence the campaign’s hashtag #ThanksGraham.


So far, Harris has been streaming since January 18, which means he’s been playing for two days straight, and he’s had some people join him on the stream to help him out, people like Lindsay Ellis, Natalie Wynn, and, just today, new Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. And, so far, the stream has raised over $295,000 for Mermaids, which is just freakin’ awesome. In fact, here’s an article on Metro about it.

So go ahead, watch a guy try to beat Donkey Kong 64 for a trans rights charity. Why? Because it’s the right thing to do. Also: spite. #ThanksGraham.

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