According to Latino Review, the most mentioned name of the last weeks has made the race and will debut in Civil War. Which at least means despite being a pretty young Peter Parker, he probably won’t get another origin story, which is definitely a good thing.

Butterfield was pretty good in Ender’s Game (the only thing I know him from) even if the film didn’t live up to its potential - I’m sure he can pull it off.

This is definitely an interesting situation... an extremely well known Marvel character, but new to the whole Avengers Universe - dropped into a situation where it is threatening to tear apart. Will he take a side? If so - will his great responsibility and his backstory (that we know!) compel him towards Order or Freedom? (If Uncle Ben died recently, I see him favoring order....) Or will he remain neutral as an outsider and even help solve the conflict that way?


Update - after checking his IMDB, I have seen him in Hugo Cabret... He didn’t leave any impression on me in that one. I didn’t like that movie very much, anyway.