Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks

So some backstory on this. I'm temporarily living with my parents as I do not have stable work. I substitute teach right now, all over the large country area they live in. The downside to this is that I am A) A queer city girl and this country land is (and to an extent, my parents) B) extremely conservative and homophobic. We're talking Bible belt even though we're no where near the belt. I'm not a giant dyke, but I rock a button down and a hoodie with slacks most of the time I am working (frak dresses when you're working with children). I am also back in the closet in this area because I've been told numerous times I will not be able to get work because people here see "out" gays as potential trouble.

Anywho, it's shitty as all get out but I had this happen to me today which was nice.


7th GRADERS: Hey! Can we walk with you, Teacher?
Me: Yeah, sure.
7th Grade Boy: Hey, are you GAY? Because a lot of kids say you're a lesbian...
7th Grade Girl: We were just wondering, cause they aren't nice things people say about gay people.
Me: Do you believe all that bad stuff people say about gay people?

They look worried.

Me: Sooo, does it matter if I am or not?

The Boy gets embarrassed and leaves.

The Girl: Are you sad or angry he asked you if you were gay?
Me: Of course not.
The Girl: ARE you gay?
Me: Would it matter if I was? I am who I am, right?
The Girl: You are.
Me: And like you said, people here in this area, some of them aren't very nice to gay people, right? Just because they're gay people think they don't fit in here.
The Girl: So, so you'd have to be careful. You'd have to protect yourself.
Me: It would kind of be like bullies.
The Girl: Yeah it would.

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