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Halfway Mark of NaNo-NinerWriMo!

Just doing this post to check up on everyone and their progress into projects this month.

So if you’re doing a traditional NaNo and have had the good fortune of not falling behind, you should be at the 25k mark by the end of the day.


This has been a pretty challenging NaNo for me this year. I don’t really have an outline so a good chunk of my mornings are figuring out what the frick I’m going to write that day and the fact that my saturdays are packed so I can’t really get any writing done that day. I’m also worried about if I have enough plot to finish at 50k.

With that said, I’m currently at 24,442 this morning and will hopefully have enough words to make up for this Saturday.

What about you guys? Anyone else having dreams about writing and plotting or just tired of writing or is that just me?

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