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Halloween Candy Madness Elite 8: Choco-Supremity

We’ve reached the Elite 8 stage of the Halloween Candy Madness, and the contest has become a battle of the chocolates. But which chocolate candy will reign supreme? It’s up to you to vote and find out.

Well, that last round certainly did not go well for the fruity candies did it? Starburst gave a spirited fight, but even it couldn’t overcome the chocolate juggernaut. And that leaves us with a chocolate melee that nobod- well, most people actually predicted, but that’s what happens in a bracket madness.


So here we are. A chocolate rumble between brand heavyweights. Not a (milk) dud in the bunch. Both Reese’s and M&M have double the opportunities to survive. The heavy weight, Snickers, is still in the game. Who will come out on top?

The Polls


The Schedule

  • Elite 8 - Today
  • Final 4 - Wed, Oct 26
  • Championship - Fri, Oct 28
  • Announcement - Halloween Day

Happy voting everyone. And speaking of voting... if you’re in Texas, early voting starts today so make sure you get out and vote in that election too.

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