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They said it couldn’t be done. They said it was impossible. But we’ve now reached the Final Four stage of our Halloween Candy Madness. Just four candies remain to be voted on. Which two will move on to the championship round? Let’s find out.

So here we are. That last round was a bit surprising for some. America’s most popular candy, Snickers, fell to the wafer-y Kit-Kat, though it was a closely fought battle. The other close battle was between Butterfinger and plain M&Ms, and I’m sure Butterfinger winning was a surprise to many. But that’s why we call this madness.


Only two votes this time. Reese’s has to be considered the favorites for this round if only because they make up half the options. Will Butterfinger and Kit-Kat be able to overcome them? It’ll be interesting to see.

The Polls


The Schedule

  • Final 4 - Today
  • Championship - Fri, Oct 28
  • Announcement - Halloween Day

Nearly at the end. Hope everyone’s having fun. It’s certainly been a hoot arguing candy on Twitter and here in the comment section. Happy voting.

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