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So.... in a few hours it'll officially be Halloween season. And I know some of you have a lot more experience with cosplay and/or Halloween costumes, so I need some help.

(And yes, I know some of you would say that's Halloween season started last November...)


Now me and my bff have been organising a Halloween party for a few years now (Halloween isn't really a thing here, so we decided to make it a thing), and for the first time in forever I know what I want to be ahead of time: Black Canary. Because Sara is awesome. And badass (8 days 'til new Arrow! whoooo!). And just look at that badass suit. All the awesome details (that I'll never really be able to replicate).

Considering half-pleather skinny pants are in fashion right now I can probably get a pair of pants that way (though with probably a lot less details) and I can source a reasonable leather jacket. But I need help with the top/corset. I don't particularly want to buy a corset (and I haven't really seen any ones that looks like that one and less dominatrix). I've seen some cosplays that have a top that's sewn in that shape. So advice on materials and a top/corset pattern would be welcome.

I'm not much of a costume maker, but as I understand heated craft foam could be moulded for the mask? But I'm not sure how to do the detailing. I'm also not sure how to do the bo staff.


And I need a wig too. THAT I really don't know where to find at a reasonable price.

What costumes are you guys making/wearing for Halloween/next con?

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