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Halloween Costume: I am FIRE. I am DEATH.

I am 99% finished with this year’s Halloween costume! Following in the tradition of last year, I decided to make another dragon hoodie. This year, I am Chiefest and Greatest of Calamities.

I purchased an inexpensive dark red hoodie for the base of the costume, and two more XXL hoodies to cut apart and use to make the tail, wings and spikes. It was easier than trying to match the exact shade of red at the fabric store.


I made up the patterns for all of the dragon parts, and I had to hand-sew them to the hoodie.

My costume is a blend of the movie-Smaug and the book-Smaug. The shape of the wings and tail are based on movie-Smaug, and I added a waistcoat of jewels to the front, like book-Smaug. If you notice, I left a small bare patch on the left side of the chest, so that ravens can carry word of the secret of my demise to worthy archers.


The only thing that needs to be added to complete the costume is delivery of these (t0 attach to the hood):

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