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Hallucinations, Handy Manipulations and a Hot Zone on Helix

In this week's episode of Helix someone may be having mental issues and Sister Amy takes matters into her own hands. Plus lots of handwavy science. Did this episode address any of my questions? Spoilers ahead.


It looks like Amy is one of the real villains since she is behind the disappearance of the boy Soren and is maintaining her mother's illusion of control. This is all explained as she's giving her loyal minion Brother Landry a rather clinical handjob. She's doing a lot without Brother Michael's knowledge like the attack on Kyle. But it looks like Michael is realizing someone in his flock has their own agenda.

Julia finds Hatake, who proves why he's earned that "World's Greatest Dad" mug. After drugging and questioning Julia, Hatake takes her for a nice meal with the dead bodies of Julia's mother and adoptive brother, both of whom Hatake has been hallucinating and talking to as alive. I suspect Hatake may have gone a little off the rails after living alone so long on the island.


Sarah has picked up the nickname "Hot Zone", which lends itself to all sorts of jokes but I'll refrain. Since Kyle conveniently lost the samples from the ship Peter and Sarah have to retrieve them from the shack. Leila's body is missing (of course it is, it's that kind of show). Anyway they get the samples and return to the lab to do science stuff. They find the bloody Kyle, who was stoned (in the Old Testament sense) by a bunch of the island kids drugged by Brother Landry. Peter finally agrees to bring Alan on board but wants to talk to him first, alone.

Speaking of Alan, he's doing his own investigation. He steals a guard's keys and sneaks into a delivery area where he finds a lot of empty wine casks (which is odd in itself since alcohol is prohibited). But there is a tooth in one of them. Alan doesn't get to think about this too much because he gets a crowbar to the head courtesy of Peter. That's going to be an interesting talk between the brothers.


As for my lingering questions, the only one answered this time around is that Julia is indeed still working for Ilaria.

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