Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks

Hands down, Flickr used to be the best high-quality photo sharing

site on the internet. It is now basically unusable. Even on incredibly fast machines the infinite scrolling of pictures in a search bogs the computer down and the pictures open in a ridiculous display mode that does no one any favors. And this is just the basic, bare-bones functionality I used the service for. I know for some hardcore Flickr users there are even more problems and so it boggles my mind how they can continue with this redesign even though it has compromised so much in the way of usefulness.

Oh wait. I've had to live to endless reiterations of Kinja so I guess I do understand. People in charge become committed to really dumb design principles for inexplicable reasons.


Anyway, are any of you guys aware of any Flickr substitutes? Instagram doesn't cut it. We are talking about a place where lots of people go to show off high quality photos, not a simulacrum of nostalgia painted over an era desperately longing for an organic cultural identity.

I am sure a lot of Flickr users have jumped ship. I just don't know where they would go.

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