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For the NBC comedy that pushed the bubble for what cable comedy could be, with the eccentric Dan Harmon at the helm, Community could now be cleared for a real-life full-fledged movie. #SixSeasonsAndAMovie

The twitter hashtag started as a joke, but then the fans (all of us) started to take it seriously, albeit with hesitation. Community is known for resting on the bubble of NBC's programming schedule, and perhaps this is the reason that we we root for it so greatly. Community is a cult-comedy though-and-through, and we weren't about to be pushed around by their conventional comedy.

TV Guide Magazine recently revealed that the show's producers are keen on doing a Community movie, and have even identified Justin Lin (who has directed episodes of the series) as a potential director. But first, a sixth season needs to happen.


Community's destiny will be etched in stone on May 12th, when NBC announces it's Fall 2014 line-up. As noted above, Community need it's prophecy fulfilled in order for the producers to carry out a movie; it needs just one more season.

Another factor to take into consideration is Donald Glover's re-entry into the Community college campus after his departure at the beginning of the 5th season. Donald Glover is an actor that absolutely needs to come back for the potential movie. Troy and Abed are a duo that greatly helped Community though some of its darkest times, and is an essential part of what makes Community so great.


We had a scare earlier this year from a fake Childish Gambino (Donald Glover's rap name/band) email that said in post script "p.s. I am returning to Community, because the internet", but alas it was proved false. Fans of Donald can continue to wait for his much anticipated FX series, Atlanta.

But would Donald Glover be up for a Community movie? Would he even make a return for season 6? What about Chevy Chase's involvement in all of this? Yes, Pierce is technically dead in the show, but Community have done stranger things to characters, and Chevy Chase in a Three Amigos parody scene is already starting to tickle my brain.


If you would like to contribute to the message, whether that gets heard or not is a different story, then please join the cast in promoting Community with the classic hashtag #SixSeasonsAndAMovie on twitter.


Quote from TV Guide.

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