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One minute in and unhappy. Spoilers.

Shooting someone through both carotids and jugulars will not allow them to see the things thy love taken away from them. They will be dead in seconds fom bleeding out. Assuming thy didn't black out from the tissue shock instantly.

Shooting someone through the neck and paralyzingly them will prevent them from feeling pain. Even if you could selectively hit the motor tracts and spare the sensory fibers, the shock wave and inflammation would affect the sensory fibers. If you hit C5 or higher, which is virtually certain, the victims diaphragm would be paralyzed and death would occur in minutes. Not a lot of time for torture. You would probably bleed out faster than that. The vertebral arteries carry a lot of blood.


Maybe it's nitpicking, but I hate it when they get details wrong that any EMT, nursing student or medical student could have fixed if asked. It seems lazy. There are plenty of ways to incapacitate somebody without killing them, why get it wrong?

Hope it improves because I have heard good things.

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