I admit I'm not one of the people still caught up in the maelstrom of Bryan Fuller¹ nor Hannibal. To paraphrase Tim Minear: "Show not called Will Graham." But this is not about that—it's about the sibling characters. Elsewhere I saw pointed out severe lack of sympathy from Ava (sorry, she was on SPN), can't track new names for not having used the rampant resources around her to make herself a more independent woman—having to get pregnant to get family money should not be 2014.

Then someone linked to The Poorest Rich Kids In The World, from Rolling Stone, and I want to set a portion of 1 percenters on fire. Yes, it takes more than money to be a decent parent (money is no key to happiness or sanity), but can't you just PAY someone to be a good parent in your absence? Or therapy—pay for lots of early therapy? It's a horrible true story, even if you take it with a grain of salt.

So I feel worse for Margot (did I get that right?). But I'm a just deserts sort of a girl (yup, got schooled on that), and this show won't give me what my psyche needs from fiction anyway.

ÂąI did not like Pushing Daisies despite being so in love with Lee Pace (CALL ME), and I would have broken up with Wonderfalls season 2 about the moment the lesbian sister got accidentally pregnant.