Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks


Tonight's episode was gruesomely fantastic. I know there will probably be a much better thought out review later, but I couldn't help but post about it.

The Mason Verger storyline comes to a head in the nastiest way possible. I watch a shit ton of graphic horror movies, but I was sitting there talking to the TV like a crazy person while Mason gleefully gave himself a face lift. THEN HE ATE HIS OWN NOSE!!! With Will and Hannibal standing their having a philosophical discussion like a man feeding his own face to a bunch of dogs is perfectly natural. Even though most of it occurred in shadow, I'm surprised that NBC allowed them show the scene. It was absolutely brutal and I loved it.


Dr. Du Maurier(Gillian Anderson) returned, but was not able to provide much help, except to say that whatever they are planning Hannibal has probably figured it out. And Will does not seem to be as interested in bringing down Hannibal as he once was. It's hard to tell how this is going to shake out, but after this episode, I'm super excited for the finale.


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