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Happy Birthday Dr. Salk!

Thank you Google for reminding me that today is Dr. Jonas Salk's birthday (sorry Quasi Hatrack, I just had to give my own shout out =P). He would've been 100 years old if he were still alive today.

Salk is the discoverer of the first polio vaccine. Before his discovery, polio outbreaks were common and could lead to paralysis for a subset of infected. Thanks to the polio vaccine, the disease has been eliminated in many countries. Unfortunately, it has not been completely eliminated worldwide due to obstacles in funding and infrastructure. In fact, there has been a worrisome uptick of polio outbreaks.


Thanks to Dr. Salk and other researchers and medical professionals, we have the tools to make polio the second disease we have eliminated through vaccination. Now we just need concerted efforts and funding to help make that happen!

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