...exactly what it says on the tin. Happy Solstice to you all.

So I live in Calgary, and within the city limits, the biggest natural area is Nose Hill Park. It's got a few parking lots along its edges, and then its all semi-developed walking trails (with occasional benches) for the rest of it. If I have to choose a place to see the sunrise, it's the best option. So I walked to the closest parking lot, walked up a trail to get a better vantage point, found a semi-flat area, sat down (on some cold and snowy rocks), and watched the sunrise.

The sunrise was not that impressive because
1) it's snowing
2) it's foggy
So therefore you get no pictures of the rather crummy sunrise I saw. But it was still a joy to welcome the dawning sun on the shortest day of the year, and do my best to reflect upon what joys and griefs it has seen all of us through this year.

My view was a mix of skyscrapers and prairie, and it's terrifying/humbling to grok, in fullness, that the prairie will be here after the skyscrapers have turned to rubble. That our lives are transitory things that we must enjoy to the fullest because they are all that we have. That our species only has one destiny: to one day die, regardless of whether or not it gives the universe any children.

I hope that the new sun that dawns on us tomorrow gives us the internal strength to recognize new and better opportunities to embrace our role as the smartest and most creative thing on the planet. Let's create that future that we wanted. Let's make reality as awesome as we think it should be.