Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks

It’s GMs Day, give your GM a hug ... unless they’re not the touchy feely type.

You can celebrate in a variety of ways, buy them a gift at your FLGS, blog about their awesomeness, check out the sales on gaming PDFs or back a RPG Kickstarter.


My two latest RPGs that I Backed are Pugmire, a RPG where humanity has left the building but his uplifted best friends struggle to create a fantasy/D&D trope civilization. (It’s fantasy with scifi excuses).

The other is the Worlds of Cypher, where you back three initial setting books for the new generic Cypher System Rulebook. I didn’t back the “New Gods” or the “Superheroes meet Kult.” I backed the cybernetic dinos one.

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