Happy Halloween, courtesy of the future Mrs. Trilby

Hi. I'm not sure if there's a particular way to address you, so I'm going to be informal. I'm Patricia Mondeson, and I'm engaged to Jason Trilby. He has no idea I'm doing this, so please, don't anyone tell him. At first, I just wanted to get in touch with Jason's old friend Pitchblende. Bless his heart, I've never known his real name, but I remember back in school they were thick as thieves. I asked about him recently and he mumbled something about Pitchblende being involved with the insurgents he's hunting down.

Jason doesn't know this, but back in those days, when Pitchblende and I worked at the old library during the book removal program, we used to sneak some of the books home and read them. We had the master list of what books had to go, and since nobody really checked up on us, we would take them and talk about what we learned from them. They were switching physical books for digital texts, citing the gradual decay of physical media and the need to preserve them. In reality, they began to filter available reading material, and then slowly replace it with UIG-approved texts. Neither of us liked the idea but my mother is in the science division and my father was rising in Citizen Control, so we knew there was no real way to fight it.

Jason wholeheartedly supported the program, of course, because he believes the best way to ensure a safe society is to keep people from entertaining and acting on subversive ideas. I don't agree, but I don't think he cares. It's no secret from me that he uses the "demonstration device" he got from New Dawn to keep me from remembering things. Sadly, I can't even remember what I don't remember, but sometimes I take little notes when he's talking to me, so I know a bit about what's going on.

I disagree with what Jason's doing, and though I have little to no power over him, my father does. When Citizen Controller Mondeson speaks, Jason Trilby listens. My father has insisted that Jason bring me to visit him and mom this weekend, and further demanded that he and BLK BAR suspend all operations until Monday, when he will have time to review whether Jason's work is providing any real benefit to the Citizen Control division. Nobody's asked my opinion yet, but I agree with my mom that intellectual shaping isn't helping.

Anyway, that's all I wanted to say. If I can get on here again, I'll leave you guys another message. Take your kids out, dress up, have parties, do whatever! It's 100% UIG (and dad) approved. Pitchblende, if you're still with the rebels, send me a sign. Thinking back on those old days, I started to write a story myself. Speaking of stories, I read you guys' work. I love it! I'm so inspired! Don't tell Jason!

I understand Myseri is a well-known member of the gang Jason's always going on about, and I can understand why. I read his chapter of Hollow World and I thought it was great! That whole town-of-survivors-after-disaster is a great premise, and it's neat how society is re-forming after the apocalyptic events I'm sure got wiped out of my brain. Sam and his little Evelyn are all set up in a home now, and the bits of normal life like going to school or out to play seem weird after all that's happened, but everyone needs a regular life.


Now this guy, I know. Pitchblende, my old library co-worker, has a chapter of his story Ditched. The protagonist, who I think is called Verrek (but I could be wrong) is recalling his friendship with Jimmy, who is his ghostly companion. His memories are slowly opening to reveal a panorama of past events that, I guess, led him to where he is today. He seems like he's in bad shape, but he's starting to come around and participate in his own rescue.

I know about this lady, too. I have her name written down, "Wenchette". Jason doesn't know this but one day he left a file of her work open and I copied it. At first I thought she was some woman he was seeing, but I realized she must be one of the rebels. Her story, Cravings, is delicious. Mirri's very funny, and she is incredulous because Radu, her handsome houseguest, dusted her kitchen. He's sleeping on the couch but, I don't know, I don't really think she wants him to be on the couch. She just can't admit to herself. Maybe. I'm just speculating, because she gets all nervous and naughty when she thinks about him, kind of like how I used to be at first about Jason.

It's cold comfort, probably, but I'm with you guys. Now with you physically, of course, but I'm on your side. Jason doesn't think I have anything worthwhile to say, but I have my own little ways of accomplishing things. I'll try to get back in touch when I can, and if I can share any information to help you guys out, I will. If you have anything you want to share with me, leave it below in the dead drop. You'd think by now those guys would catch on, but they can't imagine anyone not using the approved systems to get things done. Ha!