Ready for a Yuletide classic? This is a tale of a corrupt ex-cop turned hit man who must partner with an imaginary blue winged horse to rescue a missing girl, who was kidnapped by Santa Claus.

Wait. Just Wait.

Christopher Meloni (Law & Order: Special Victims Unit) plays former detective and human trainwreck Nick Sax. Boozed up and broken, he works as a hitter for the mob to fuel an out of control drug habit.

Try as he might to kill himself with drugs and alcohol, it may be Nick’s new profession which finally does him in.


Murdered by mobsters, that’s good

Ah, but he’s only mostly dead. The paramedics revive him and it’s in the back of the ambulance, where Nick crosses paths with the most unlikeliest of people, a tiny blue horse named Happy!


Happy! is Hailey’s imaginary friend. She was the girl I was telling you about.

The one kidnapped by Santa?

Well actually a deranged killer in a Santa suit, but yeah. Nick can see Happy! because of his near death experience. The two partner up to find Hailey.


Uh... well there’s kissing, among other things. We can skip over those parts if you really want to, but someday, you may not mind so much. Just don’t tell your parents.


Welcome to the inaugural reaction thread for Happy! This new Syfy series is based off of the graphic novel, of the same name, created by Grant Morrison and Darick Robertson. It’s a darkly comedic crime story set around the holidays.


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