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Happy "White Sauce? Hot Sauce?" Spoilerific Reaction Thread

When last we left Happy & Sax, they had run into Merry at VBS’s (Very Bad Santa’s “workshop. Unfortunately they were all too late. VBS had flown the coop with Hailey and the other children in tow.

The hits keep coming for Nick, as he is forced to face Amanda. This, less than happy family reunion, leads to Sax and Happy going their separate ways.


Merry meanwhile, has run afoul of IA (Internal Affairs). Maybe not all the cops in this town are corrupt. But then again maybe they’re just in someone else’s pocket.

Has The Bug caught wind of Blue’s betrayal?

Will there be someone else gunning for Nick and The Don’s password?

And what’s up with the classroom and cake in the trailer?


Will we see more of Smoothie and Mikey Scaramucci’s missing body?


Ok, that’s not what I meant by “see more”, but this promo photo strongly suggests that Mikey will be putting in appearance in some capacity. I can’t wait to find out how he winds up with Nick.

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