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Happy! "Year of the Horse" Spoilerific Reaction Thread

Welcome to episode 4, The Year of the Horse.

Sax and Happy somehow survive their run-in with Bad Santa. Bruised and battered, they pick up the search for Hailey, winding up in Chinatown. I wonder if the title of the episode refers to more Happy-centric flashbacks or the Chinese zodiac (given their trip to Chinatown).


Meanwhile Blue’s sister comes calling, wanting revenge for the murder of her sons. Debi Mazar guest stars as Isabella Scaramucci, Mr. Blue’s (Francisco Scaramucci’s) sister. I wonder if she knows the part her brother played in the deaths of her sons.

Amanda and Merry interview a couple whose child disappeared at another “Sunnyshine” show. This visit may give them the lead they need to find Hailey’s kidnapper.

I’m really interested to see how Nick and Happy escape from Bad Santa. Nick looked down for the count and Happy was frozen in fear. The preview at the end of the episode seemed to show Bad Santa about to swallow the tiny blue horse. I hope Happy doesn’t have to take “the long way” around to escape from Santa’s belly.

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