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Has Hannibal Become A Villain Sue? [Spoilers]

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I have enormous respect for the series, and the work of all involved— not the least of which are Bryan Fuller and Mads Mikkelsen. The show's fun to watch, engrossing to follow, and gorgeous to look at. But as we enter a year long he-ate-us, I've got to ask: Has Hannibal become a Villain Sue? [Spoilers for the season two finale below.]


A villain sue is a variation on the Mary Sue, a character who has zero flaws. Essentially, the rules just don't apply to them.

Season two ended with Dr. Lecter's triumphant, leisurely exit from Baltimore. He walks away from four bloody victims with impunity. It's not that he's incapable of pulling these things off. He is. But at least in the novel, Silence of the Lambs, there was some explanation. He had plastic surgery and stole an identity or two, just to get out of the country. It cost him something physical to make his getaway.


The FBI froze his passport. I would think they'd at least try to do the same with his assets. Doesn't matter, he's still on a plane, in First Class, to somewhere they speak French. Passport, shmassport.

What about those snipers the FBI posted outside Hannibal's house the night of the sting? He walked down the street, slowly and in the open. Any one of them could have floored him. And nothing. He gets away scot-free. [It's been pointed out in the comments that all Jack's countermeasures were dismissed along with his case. I was too engrossed to catch this the first time 'round. Thanks folks.]


This incarnation of Hannibal has proven himself superior to his predecessors. In other mediums, this right here is the moment he gets caught, red-handed. Will Graham is able to prove he's Hannibal's physical equal, and incapacitate him even after being half-gutted.

Why didn't Alana check her gun before going into the house?

I get that it's dramatic. I get that it's compelling drama. I was just as floored as anyone, to see the final moments of the finale. But after the emotional dust has settled, I'm left looking at a villain who never repeats mistakes, and barring some miracle of a manhunt, could never see justice.


Yes, he had to sacrifice Will. But that didn't stop him from sipping champagne in first class on a plane he never should have been able to board without a passport.

So... what's next? And what do you think?

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