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Haunted Houses and other Halloween stuff in the sort of Dallas area

I haven't been to Screams in years. I went the second year and a few times after that, but then they closed the hayride. I loved the hayride. Anyway, though I don't live that far away, somehow I don't usually end up going. I think I've been to a Kansas City haunted house more recently than I've gone to Screams or any other thing that is a big deal in this area.


Okay, I've been to Thrillvania in Terrell once. I was rather rushed through, just as they were about to close on a Sunday. I was lucky I got to go at all.

I might get to go somewhere this Friday or Saturday, if I am not ill following a trip to the state fair, or if the schedule doesn't change, if it doesn't rain, etc.... Probably Screams, or maybe Thrillvania. Or maybe I should try something else?

Anybody familiar with any Dallas area stuff?

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