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Have A Few Spare Minutes? Spend Some Time In The Open Thread!

Hopefully you have been having a good time this weekend. I’ve been taking it slow and thinking about what I should pack later tonight as I get ready for a 4 day business trip starting tomorrow. Just a training class so nothing overly exciting. Still I’m looking forward to a change of pace for a few days even if it means I’m going to spend most of tomorrow wondering what I forgot to put in my luggage.


I do know I have another trip to a store tonight, since I forgot to pick up some things like deodorant when I went this morning. Nothing like getting home and realizing you forgot to get one of the few things you really needed. 

So how’s the weekend been treating you? Got any cool plans? Got something to brag about? Got something you want to vent about? Have at it in your Open Thread.

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