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With the return of Doctor Who's finest Martians this weekend, Big Finish have slashed the prices of some of their collection of audio plays featuring the Ice Warriors. Celebrate the broadcast of Cold War with some of the best Ice Warrior adventures this side of Peladon!

In total 10 adventures are on offer for £5 (just under $8) each, either on CD or as Digital Downloads - except for the Bernice Summerfield adventure Dance of the Dead, which is CD only - or you can order the whole lot of them for £40 (about $62) as a bundle of 16 hours of Icey goodness. The stories on sale are as follows:

  • Red Dawn (The Fifth Doctor and Peri)
  • Frozen Time (The Seventh Doctor)
  • The Bride of Peladon (The Fifth Doctor, Peri, and Erimem)
  • The Judgement of Isskar (The Fifth Doctor and Amy - no, not that one!)
  • Mission to Magnus (The Sixth Doctor and Peri)
  • Thin Ice (The Seventh Doctor and Ace)
  • The Prisoner of Peladon (A Companion Chronicles entry, this Third Doctor adventure is a dual-voiced audiobook rather than a full audio play, starring David Troughton as King Peladon)
  • Deimos (The Eighth Doctor and Tamsin)
  • The Resurrection of Mars (The Eighth Doctor, Tamsin and Lucie - part 2 of the story started in Deimos)
  • Dance of the Dead (Whilst not actually a 'Doctor Who' adventure, this features Lisa Bowerman's Bernice 'Benny' Summerfield - an ex-companion to the Seventh and Eighth Doctors originally created for the Virgin New Adventures range of Doctor Who novels in the 90's who got span off into her own audio series)

There's some pretty cracking stories in here - Deimos and The Resurrection of Mars both come highly recommended, as they're stellar entries in what was already a fantastic 4th series of The New Eighth Doctor Adventures. Mission to Magnus and Thin Ice are also both good, but especially interesting as they were 'Lost Stories' - scripts originally developed for the TV show, but were ultimately scrapped as their series (1986 for Magnus, and 1990 for Thin Ice) were cancelled. Thin Ice is especially appropriate this weekend, as it's an Ice Warrior story set during the Cold War, with a guest cast of Communist Ruskies!

Act sharpish though, as the sale ends early Monday morning (UK time).

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