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Have Some Encouragement From the U.S.Avengers

Last month saw the release of U.S.Avengers #1, written by Al Ewing with art by Paco Medina, about the new AIM-SHIELD-Avengers team led by Roberto daCosta, this time with a new patriotic flavor! Rereading it today, some things seem a bit, well, prescient. Like this:


That’s the leader of the Secret Empire flying in on their flying volcano Helicarrier base. I mean, yes, it does sound kind of like the “alternative facts” that Sean Spicer was telling yesterday, but c’mon, this came out a whole month ago.

But of course, then there’s also this:

“...get yours.”

Okay, yes, this does sound suspiciously like Donald Trump saying that he was smart for avoiding paying taxes. And also his “The American Dream is dead” speech.


But then let me give you the encouragement of the U.S.Avengers.


“...It’s my flag, Sam. Mine and yours. Toni’s and Doreen’s. Aikku’s, if she wants it. It’s Luke Cage’s flag. Ms. Marvel’s flag. Ben Grimm’s flag. We belong here, and that is our flag. We can’t let anyone take it away.”

Robert daCosta was born in Brazil. Toni Ho was born in China. Doreen Green was born in Canada. Aikku Jokinen was born in Norway. Of the U.S.Avengers, only Sam Guthrie and General Maverick were born in the USA. And yet they are all Americans and will fight for the ideas that the flag represents.


Because when I read these pages, I am reminded of this:


“I am loyal to nothing, General — except the Dream.”

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