I'm going to talk very specifically about the end of Trinity War, the first issue of Forever Evil, and mild spoilers about the upcoming JLA 7.4 "Black Adam #1." You have been duly warned.

In case you haven't been reading Justice League lately, the backup stories' arc leading up to the summer's big event comic "Trinity War" was about the reintroduction of Shazam (yes, he's actually called that now) and the introduction of Black Adam into the New 52. Black Adam was pretty much what you'd expect, with his backstory mostly intact. Ancient king of Khandaq, got the shazam powers, is a generally bad dude.

Then he died. A bunch. Like, the first issue of Trinity War features Shazam going to spread his ashes over Khandaq. And then, during Trinity War pt. 5, Shazam grab Pandora's box, is hit by the red lightning from InFamous, and magically switches into the Black Adam costume.


And, more to the point, he hasn't been changed back yet. He's been in both Trinity War pt. 6, and Forever Evil #1, and he's just chilling out, being evil. He's even featured in the panel of villains joining the Crime Syndicate.


So... What's up with Shazam? Have they really turned Shazam into the new Black Adam? Either that, or that Crime Syndicate panel was a serious oversight on DC's part, since Black Adam is currently a trail of ashes scattered across the Khandaq desert.

I imagine we'll get more clarification on exactly what's up in JLA #7.4 "Black Adam #1" in a couple of weeks, which has already been confirmed to feature the reintroduction of Black Adam supporting characters Isis and Osiris. (That article also says that "Black Adam #1" will continue from Justicle League #22, but I'm unclear whether that's confirmed, or the author's assumption.)


Edit: It is worth noting that the Black Adam on the cover of Forever Evil #1 is pretty obviously actually Black Adam, and not Evil Shazam. Then again, covers have never been canon, and it's hard to tell in the one panel Black Adam/Evil Shazam shows up on in the actual book, so who can say?