Last week I wrote a comment and then later an article about the problems I had having Inhumans being introduced in Agents of Shield could have. The results was some really great counter arguments and debates (thanks again Antipodes (: ).

However, I mentioned that I didn't like Agents of Shield. It's not like I haven't given it a chance, after writing that article, I've watched about 10 episodes worth and it honestly doesn't appeal to me. Most shows about secret organizations like it and similar works Torchwood have never been my thing (though thankfully to my knowledge, AOS good guys haven't been using rape drugs).

This resulted in a few insulting comments (mostly from the original comment) with people calling me a bad person, a lazy viewer or I was screwing myself over. Though these are minor, when I mentioned this on another forum... well lets just say the insults were a little more colorful.

Needless to say I felt kinda of a dick after that for sometime and why, I don't like the show, so f***ing what? I don't hate people who like the show.


I was wondering, have any of you ever felt like an arse or made to feel like one because you didn't like a show or a movie? I can't be the only one.

Just because you did not get the appeal to a series of books or what everyone was getting so uppity about a game, you felt ostracized (or simply left out if you're into dramatics) and hated yourself for it?