Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks

Have you ever seen unusual objects in the sky?

I'm not asking about UFOs in the "alien spacecraft" sense, just unusual, apparently physical objects up in the air. Looking back, I've seen three:

1) glancing out a window when I was a kid, I saw a blue-ish, lightbulb-shaped object fly, very fast, through the night sky from 12.00-6.00. I have no idea what that thing was.


2) looking up into the sky on a beautifully clear day, I once spotted what I assume was a satellite - just a tiny, round white dot, moving very slowly. Obviously it's impossible to accurately judge distances and proportions in these cases, but it looked to be a hell of a long way up.

3) most spectacularly, I once watched a (roughly, apparently) refrigerator-sized, rectangular sheet of something silvery and reflective tumbling end-over-end through the sky over downtown Wellington, New Zealand. I remember that this was at a time when a satellite was expected to be breaking up over that part of the world, so I assume that what I saw was some part of that.

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