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Have you seen this room?

The hunt is on for a room missing from a Welsh Castle for nearly 100 years. It was last seen in New York.

The elaborate wooden panelling, ceiling beams and fireplace from the Oak Parlour at Gwydir Castle, near Llanrwst, Conwy were sold to newspaper magnate William Randolph Hearst in 1921.


The 16th Century linen-fold panelling, the fireplace overmantel and the carved and moulded ceiling beams were dismantled, crated up and shipped to New York. Hearst allegedly assembled them in his billiard room but they have not been seen since the Thirties. No word on how high he raised the ceiling.

The current owners of the Tudor built Gwydir Castle are appealing to the US in the hope that the panelling can be tracked down and brought back to Wales.

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