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Haven, can we just keep Mara?

In this week's episode "Spotlight" Nathan cranks his creepy-obsessiveness up to eleven, Duke makes a drastic change in his appearance and Mara is still the most interesting person in Haven. Spoilers ahead.


Let me sum up the main plot of this episode. Nathan drags a chained up Mara to an isolated cabin because he believes his love for the woman inside her will fix everything. In any other context we would consider Nathan a creepy obsessive stalker.

Here's a bit of advice, Nathan. If you're playing mindgames with a woman who remembers you screwing two different versions of her, she knows how to press some buttons too. Not just on Nathan but Duke as well.

Speaking of Duke, he's cut off his ponytail. I won't link to TVTropes but the symbolism is obvious even to me. He's trying to move on after Jennifer's death. But he needs to deal with something else first.

Duke is going to blow up because of all the Troubles bottled up inside him. Mara is the only one who can save him. She sends Nathan on an errand and has Duke to herself for a few moments. She wastes no time and messes with his head too.


Unfortunately for Mara, Dwight followed Duke. He doesn't have the same history with Audrey so Mara is in real trouble now.


Mara is evil but she's got a lot more personality than Audrey. Of course since Audrey Parker is just an identity lifted from another person and overlaid on Mara that's understandable. Audrey will back eventually but I hope she at least retains Mara's memories so Audrey will be more interesting.

  • There was an unresolved Trouble of the Week but does anyone really care?
  • The switches between Mara and Audrey reminded me of Intruders. If you watch the show, you know what I mean.
  • Nathan and Mara's breakfast scene could be compared to a meal scene from another Syfy show. Yeah, I know I'm hitting the creepy Nathan thing hard.

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